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Civilian Resumes

If you are applying for a job in the civilian sector, Robin’s Resumes® can help you. We have many years of experience adding value to resume presentations for people in a wide variety of professions, including:



Samples of Civilian Resumes are below:


Note – these are for example only and the work is copyrighted by Robin’s Resumes® If you use the verbiage here for your resume, a prospective hiring manager can discover that, and it will be a reason to not hire you. Also, the experience will not be your own, and you also can lose a job for that.

Technical Expertise

Robin’s Resumes® focuses on areas of expertise gained during their writers’ careers and lives – which includes extensive experience / familiarization in the areas listed above.

Robin’s Resumes® writers have over 30 years of technical leadership in Science, Engineering, Business and Information Technology.

Top writers in the industry refer technology clients to Robin’s Resumes® for our recognized expertise in developing successful career marketing documents in these areas.

If you contact us at info@robinresumes.com or call at 404-875-2688 we will be pleased to see if we can help you.<

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